Actio | The problem we solve
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The problem we solve

“More data was created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race.”

More data was created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. It probably feels that way in your business too. As we become increasingly reliant on digital systems for every aspect of our business the volume of our data grows.  So does the potential to either drown in data or ride the wave of innovation.

But the reality is, data probably doesn’t flow effortlessly through your business.

It is more likely that you are reliant on a comparatively small number of people with specialist skills who keep your systems running.  Actio’s approach to data and systems provides transparency while the systems are running.  We show you if the data got to where you expect it to be, if it is clean and complete or if it is not.

Actio exists to mobilise your data to take your business forward. To give your business flow.




Giving your business flow

The ability to access, bring together and understand your data could be the key to your competitive advantage. Can you pin-point your most profitable product line? Can you identify your most productive teams? Can you visualize margin on a minute to minute basis?

The reality is, for most businesses, answering those questions is a time-consuming process involving reports from finance, HR and inventory systems, not to mention the hours of analyst time to get to the final answer.

But it’s more than just consolidating and reporting on your data. The real end game is putting your data to work in new applications, solving new problems and unlocking greater potential in your business.

These are the types of problems that Actio exists to solve.

Making your data work

We are solving these problems by making it easy to;

On board your data

With your data spread across a range of systems, it is very difficult to unlock its true value. Actio has simplified the job of integrating and consolidating data. Data Pipes by Actio® is our solution for you to rapidly leverage data across payroll, finance, resource management, inventory management, CRM systems or anything else for that matter.

Understand your data

Once you have unlocked your data, you need to bring it together and make it understandable. Actio has simplified the job of collecting, cleaning, aggregating and governing data in a single scalable location regardless of where it starts its life. Scire is our solution to transform and aggregate data from all of your systems so that it can be understood via the Scire dashboard or piped to the reporting tool of your choice.

Operationalise your data

With your data consolidated, organised and understood you now have the opportunity to truly unlock it’s potential. Actio has simplied the job of building new data-driven applications with a frame work of modular building blocks that make it easy to spin up new applications. We can discuss a range of options for developing new bespoke applications to solve for reporting challenges, management challenges, ordering challenges or to solve virtually any other problem you can throw at it.

Ready to get in touch, request a demo or ask us how we can solve a problem