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Scire comes from the latin “to know” or “to understand”. Scire enables you to source data from a data lake (using Data Pipes) and have it presented in a domain. Scire provides a range of domains that bring meaning to data and turn it into information. That information can be presented in Dashboards, Reports or emailed as a Story to keep staff and business partners up to date with relevant information.

Scire Workforce dashboard example

Scire consumes data and delivers information. Scire leverages knowledge “domains” that make sense of information from current systems. The data from your payroll system becomes employee information, the transactions from POS system become buyer behaviour and so on.


Scire allows information to be pooled together into knowledge domains to transform data into information. This approach makes data understandable very quickly. Domains can be updated over time to provide new insights into existing data.


Scire provides an enterprise ready analytics platform. It was built from the ground up as an enterprise platform. Deliver timely, engaging, and curated analytics and improve your employee usage of Analytics.


Scire provides Data Domains which take the effort out of structuring your data to make it useful. This advanced feature removes weeks or months of work from your project. It is the equivalent of having a highly paid data warehouse consultant on tap. Domains evolve over time and so does the value you derive from them.


Bring your data to life with beautiful, interactive visualizations. Understand your business from all perspectives with over 50 chart types – from trellis charts to GIS maps and infographics. With Scire, the perfect visualization is just a click away. Discover the insights needed to make better decisions today.


Tell compelling stories with your data. Communicate the significance of your data-driven insights with Scire's fully integrated presentation module, Storyboard. Combine live and interactive reports with custom text, images and video to engage your audience. Designed with mobile analytics in mind, Storyboard lets you share powerful presentations with anyone, anytime.



Understand the cost of your number one resource, your people. Scire Workforce allows you to understand salaries, wages, leave liability, pay runs and much more. From a high level overview to details on individuals, get to know your workforce like never before


Understand the working pattern of your staff and gain key insights into the flow of people in your business. Scire Workforce allows you to understand individuals, departments, locations, shifts and more.


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